ARC ___ Anti-Advertising for a Fashion Boutique


ARC boutique is for the art students and international travelers who follow their own trends and embrace their unique artistic lifestyle.

Working with ARC boutique shop, we created an advertising campaign that has no logo. Like the brand, the images of James Dean immersed in the world of fine art falls in line with the irreverent fashion brands the store carries and the students’ passion for fine art. Like Dean, ARC followers are unique and keen on creating art or performance art that’s dynamic and not predictable or kitchy. To respond to the culture of SCAD, pieces of the Dean imagery are given away with a wooden block that allows users to emboss the logo onto the watercolor paper, thereby, creating the “branding” themselves. 

In the spirit of fine art and appealing to a core user base, the logo leans towards abstraction. Intentionally, we created the logo to be a bit unidentifiable, seeing that the followers will already know the boutique and its branding and feel. The identity of the collateral highlights the tactile feel of the common textures of recycled papers, using eco-friendly materials in an interesting way.